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August 27th, 2018

NDP Statement on the U.S.–Mexico Trade Agreement

Tracey Ramsey, NDP International Trade Critic, issued the following statement:

“On Monday morning, President Trump held a televised press conference to announce a new U.S. bilateral trade agreement. After this unprecedented announcement, Canadians are concerned about how this news will impact their jobs and our economy. The Liberal government has an obligation be transparent to Canadians. They have a right to know what the future of the Canada-U.S. trade relationship looks like.

President Trump mentioned a series of different possible outcomes for Canada, including negotiating a separate deal or adding Canada to the new U.S.-Mexico trade agreement. It's troubling that the U.S. President continues to double down on his threats of auto tariffs and on his aggression towards Canada's dairy industry.

Canadians are already suffering from the impacts of President Trump’s erratic trade policy and outrageous tariffs. Businesses are struggling to keep their factory doors open and jobs secured, and workers are increasingly worried about the future of the Canada-U.S. trade relationship. I reiterate my call on Prime Minister Trudeau to strike a National Task Force on Tariffs so that government, businesses and workers can better work together to defend our Canadian jobs and industries.

The pressure is now on the Liberal government to get a good deal for Canada that defends our jobs and industries, including auto and dairy. Over a year of speculation and negotiations have led us to this moment and the Liberals owe it to Canadians to secure a fair deal."