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April 1st, 2019

NDP Statement on Trudeau and Scheer’s Failed Climate Leadership

NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Alexandre Boulerice made the following statement :

“Canadians are already feeling the impacts of climate change – the past year has seen extreme temperatures, rising floods, and raging wild fires threaten communities across the country. The IPCC and the world’s scientists have stated clearly and firmly that we must take bold and immediate action to ensure a safe and sustainable world.
But while thousands of young people across Canada are striking for the action needed to ensure their future, the Liberals and Conservatives are failing to show the climate leadership these young people and all Canadians deserve.
Today, Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have made clear once again that they have no plan to tackle climate change. Their previous failed policies and weak emissions targets only made the problem worse and tarnished Canada’s reputation. And despite promising their climate plan months ago, Canadians are still waiting for the details. Instead, all the Conservatives have to offer is a commitment to undo work that is underway. When asked if he would transfer the burden from consumers to the biggest polluters, Scheer refused to answer.
Tackling climate change means we all have to work together and throw everything we have at the problem. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have failed to bring the provinces together in support of a federal carbon tax. At the same time, they are asking everyday Canadians to do more, while practically eliminating the carbon tax for some of our biggest polluters. And where true leaders would focus on bringing people together to meet the serious challenge posed by climate change, the Liberals and Conservatives are dividing Canadians further – pitting families, workers, businesses, communities and even provinces and regions against each other.
The futures of our children and grandchildren depend upon the actions we take now to tackle global climate change. Canadians are up to the challenge, but it will take all of us, doing our part and working together, to achieve this goal.
New Democrats have a bold plan with practical solutions to move us towards a greener, fairer and more sustainable economy. We will bring Canadians together to set ambitious targets with measures to hold the government accountable, take concrete action to reduce emissions, invest in building the low-carbon economy we need now, and support workers and communities so that no one is left behind.”