July 4th, 2018

NDP Statement on Suicide Bombing Targeting Sikh and Hindu Communities in Afghanistan

NDP International Human Rights Critic Cheryl Hardcastle issued the following statement today regarding a terrorist attack targeting Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan:

‎"Like all Canadians, New Democrats are alarmed by the recent attack on religious minorities in Afghanistan by ISIS militants. According to reports from hospital officials, up to 19 members of the Sikh and Hindu communities were killed earlier this week in a suicide bombing that was subsequently claimed by ISIS.

These senseless attacks are a horrific violation of the freedom of religion of Hindus, Sikhs and other religious minorities in Afghanistan. The attacks follow decades of violence and discrimination faced by religious minorities in Afghanistan, leading many to flee the country and leaving only around 1000 members of the Hindu and Sikh communities left.

Canada must condemn this recent suicide bombing targeting Hindu and Sikh minorities. New Democrats call on the government to speak out forcefully in defence of the rights of all religious minorities in Afghanistan.”