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May 1st, 2015

NDP statement on the occasion of International Workers’ Day

Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair made the following statement on the occasion of International Workers’ Day:

“For over a century, we have recognized and celebrated the labour movement’s achievements on International Workers’ Day.

“Unfortunately, under the Conservatives, workers are struggling to make ends meet because their incomes are stagnating while the cost of living keeps rising.

“While the Conservative government has been stubbornly impinging on workers’ rights to collectively bargain their working conditions, the NDP has been determinedly leading the charge against draft legislation from the government that goes against the best interests of workers and to defend the workers’ rights to collective bargaining that is being challenged by the Trudeau Liberals. Workers deserve better: they deserve a government that is in their camp.

“This is why the NDP government is committed to increasing the federal minimum wage as a way to build a more balanced economy and to protect Canadians holding precarious employment.

“Today we honour those who fought for workers’ rights, and we join our voices with those throughout the world who demand better working conditions. Day after day, the NDP team is fighting back to protect workers’ rights, and striving to strengthen them in order to build a more prosperous Canada in which nobody is left behind.”