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October 1st, 2018

NDP Statement on National Seniors Day

NDP Critic for Seniors, Rachel Blaney (North Island--Powell River), made the following statement to mark National Seniors Day:

“Today we celebrate past and present contributions our seniors are making in Canada.

Seniors in Canada are active in their communities and contribute so much to our society.

However, too many seniors are struggling in this country. Senior poverty is increasing, as are the incidents of precarious housing involving seniors. Seniors are having to decide between buying medication and buying food. Families often struggle to support their elderly loved ones, as services are either hard to navigate, or don’t even exist.

Solutions to these sometimes devastating situations can come from working together and clearly identifying where we should, and can, do better. This is why New Democrats want a National Seniors Strategy, to bring together all levels of government to create and implement meaningful solutions.

In the very near future, 1 in 4 Canadians will be 65 years or older, making it critical for Canada to have a concrete plan moving forward. A reactionary model creates an environment where too many seniors are treated like burdens. This needs to stop – seniors cannot wait for the care and services they need.

Let’s help seniors age well, in their homes, and in a more accessible Canada. Seniors, and all Canadians, deserve a National Pharmacare Program. We call on this government to stop fiddling with poverty definitions and to address the growing inequality and material deprivation seniors face.

New Democrats believe seniors should be able to live with dignity. That’s why on National Seniors Day, we are calling on the government to take concrete action now to make life better for seniors."