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April 11th, 2019

NDP Statement on the Liberals Blocking Call for Investigation Into the Leak Regarding Chief Justice Joyal

NDP Justice Critic Tracey Ramsey issued the following statement:

“Today, at the Justice Committee, Liberal MPs refused to launch an investigation into the leak of Chief Justice Joyal’s application for a seat on the Supreme Court of Canada by voting down an opposition motion. This leak, which was manipulated to smear the former Attorney General, was a flagrant attack on the independence of the judiciary and a severe form of disrespect of its work.

Liberals are compromising the integrity of our judiciary, namely the process for selecting judges in Canada. It is clear that they are trying to normalize the violation of the core principle of our justice system by avoiding any attempt to get to the truth about the leak.

With the case of the political interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin, this is the second justice scandal that implicates the PMO in three months, and no one on the Liberals’ side is willing to deliver the truth to Canadians. This is wrong.

Canadians want a Prime Minister that works for them, not one who does everything in his power to protect his political interests and the interests of his rich friends.

The NDP will continue to use all the tools available to get to the truth about the leak of confidential information. New Democrats will also continue to call for an independent public inquiry into the PMO’s political interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavallin.”