December 19th, 2018

NDP Statement on Liberals’ Billion Dollar Gift to Oil and Gas Companies

Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Environment Critic, made the following statement:

“After almost nine years of promises, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies – and the current Liberal government has just announced another $ 1 billion-dollar gift to oil and gas companies. This is wrong.

The world’s scientists have confirmed that tackling climate change is going to take all of us, working together. Unfortunately, the Liberals’ policies – from continuing fossil fuel subsidies, to adopting the Conservatives’ inadequate emissions targets, to their refusal to close the door on Energy East, to buying the Trans Mountain pipeline – are sending Canada in the wrong direction.

It’s no wonder that Albertans are frustrated. Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have promised that they will solve these problems, but they haven’t learned that you can’t just ram through pipeline approvals without meeting basic constitutional rights. Instead, they keep trying the same flawed tactics and getting the same results. And Justin Trudeau’s weak leadership has failed to bring the provinces together.

New Democrats know that to effectively fight climate change, we have to throw everything we have at the problem – that means setting ambitious targets with measures to hold the government accountable, taking concrete action to reduce emissions and investing in building the clean energy economy we need now.

At the same time, we know that Canadians in our manufacturing and natural resource sectors work hard to provide for their families. New Democrats will continue to push for measures that support all workers with a federal climate action strategy that includes investments in a transition that creates sustainable jobs now, and leaves no workers behind.”