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October 14th, 2016

NDP statement on Liberal cuts to HIV/AIDS organizations

NDP Health Critic, Don Davies, issued the following statement:

“Canada’s New Democrats are deeply disappointed to learn that the Liberal government has cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations.

On Monday, it was revealed the Public Health Agency of Canada has denied and cut funding to several HIV/AIDS organizations that it has historically supported. These organizations provide important services to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS and support those living with these illnesses.

Public health officials in Saskatchewan are saying that province is in the midst of 'a crisis' of HIV infections, and yet due to these cuts a Saskatchewan-based HIV/AIDS organization will lose its program funding. This is inexcusable.

Other organizations facing cuts include the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, the Canadian AIDS Society, and the Canadian Treatment Action Council. And for some organizations, like the Ally Centre of Cape Breton, these cuts could result in further reductions in provincial funding.

Overall, these misguided health policy decisions will impede the efforts of those working in Canada to fight against HIV/AIDS and reduce supports for those living with these illnesses.

I call on the Minister to restore this funding immediately.”