May 1st, 2019

NDP Statement on International Workers’ Day

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

Today we honour the legacy of the workers' movement and celebrate the millions of people around the world who have fought tirelessly for their rights. Through their struggle, we have achieved so much – like a minimum wage, pensions and employment security, and the abolition of child labour – but we must keep an eye on the future struggles we face together.

New Democrats have always stood side-by-side with workers. We will always fight attacks on their rights and safety in the workplace and defending the right to collective bargaining.

On this International Workers’ Day, as we celebrate our brothers and sisters in the labour movement, let’s remember that too many workers in Canada are still struggling to make ends meet as they face stagnating wages and skyrocketing living costs.

And while the richest among us avoid paying their fair share in taxes, they are also working behind closed doors to “modernize our economy” by deregulating labour codes, stopping wage increases, and attacking workers’ rights.

People should be able to make a living, have dreams, support their families and retire in dignity. Instead, an increase in precarious work means too many people go to work not knowing if they’ll have a job the next day. Too many have seen the pensions they’ve paid into their whole lives seized to give bonuses to managers and reimburse major banks, since our laws continue to allow this to happen. This type of insecurity is a step backwards to a past no worker should have to live through again. Canadian workers deserve more. They deserve a government that’s on their side.

New Democrats will continue to fight for better labour regulations, healthy work environments, and the right to retire in dignity.

We also join our voices with workers around the world who are still fighting for the kinds of working conditions we take for granted in Canada.

It’s time to build a modern economy that benefits all people. And every day we must remain vigilant that workers’ rights are never taken for granted.

Happy International Workers’ Day!