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January 9th, 2023

NDP statement on F-35 fighter jets announcement

The NDP Deputy Critic for National Defense Randall Garrison made the following statement:

“We all want the men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces to have the best equipment and support possible to carry out the difficult and dangerous work that we ask them to do. But years of political games between the Liberals and Conservatives have left our armed forces with a massive gap in suitable equipment that they need to do their jobs.

In 2015, Trudeau said that Canada didn’t need F-35. He promised never to purchase them and promised to purchase one of the many lower priced options to better serve Canada’s defense needs. That statement is in complete contradiction with today’s announcement, and yet again, the price tag announced today is higher than what was announced a few months ago—with no guarantees for Canadian jobs.

The reported cost of this purchase, for only 16 jets, is far higher than it should have been. Earlier this year, the government intended to purchase 88 fighter jets for $19 billion. Clearly, today’s news suggests the government is not interested in getting the best value and is leaving Canadians on the hook to pay for their bad decisions.

The NDP critic for national defense, Lindsay Mathyssen, has put forward a private member’s bill, Bill C-300, which would protect Canadian jobs for defense contracts. New Democrats will keep fighting to ensure the government is spending Canadian’s money wisely and for jobs to be created and kept in Canada."