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April 22nd, 2023

NDP Statement on Earth Day

Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement:

“On Earth Day, it’s important for us all to reflect on our commitments to making our planet a better, healthier place moving forward. People across the country are already living with the consequences of the climate crisis and with the more extreme and severe weather we’ve seen over the past year, its clear more needs to be done.

But at a time when we should be prioritizing the environment, focusing on mitigating the impacts of natural disasters and transitioning workers to a green economy, the Liberals haven’t stepped up to the plate.

Under the Liberals, Canada has earned the worst track record on climate change in the G7.

And earlier this week, Canada’s Environment Commissioner reported that the Liberals aren’t on track to meet Canada’s 2030 emission targets. Included in the long laundry list of climate failures, that the Commissioner pointed to, was the Liberals dropping the ball on their commitment to plant two billion trees by 2030, and not protecting important wildlife that’s at risk of going extinct.

These failures are just the latest in a long lineup of both Conservative and Liberal governments letting people down on the climate crisis. This year, the Liberals, with the support of the Conservatives, doubled down on giving billions of dollars in handouts to the richest oil and gas companies, letting them off the hook for paying their fair share. The Minister of Environment, Steven Guilbeault, even told people living with the impacts of climate change just to move.

Canadians need a government that doesn’t prioritize the profits of mega corporations over the needs of people and the planet. That’s why, New Democrats will continue to push for climate action, that supports workers, and collaborates with Indigenous peoples. We will always fight to protect the planet for future generations.”