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April 22nd, 2016

NDP statement on earth day

NDP Environment and Climate Change critic Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) made the following statement:

"Earth Day is an opportunity for Canadians to join people around the world in a call for action to preserve our planet.

This year, the Prime Minister will be in New York City to sign the Paris Climate Agreement – along with more than 150 other world leaders. We remind the Liberal government that they have yet to deliver an accountable plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nor have they set any binding emission reduction targets.

Canadians expect their government to take a leadership role in fighting climate change and transitioning Canada to a cleaner economy. The Liberals made ambitious promises but we have yet to see any real action. In the meantime, greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb and Canada will wildly miss the weak Conservative 2030 target – which this government adopted.

New Democrats will continue to call on the Liberal government to follow through on their commitment to climate action. Our message is clear: we need to level the playing field for clean energy, to help the provinces develop clean energy infrastructure and to put a national price on carbon.

Canada cannot afford to stand on the sidelines when it comes to tackling climate change and transitioning to a cleaner, greener economy. The greatest legacy we can offer future generations is a clean and healthy planet – let's work together to make that happen.