February 12th, 2019

NDP Statement on Canada’s Agriculture Day

Alistair MacGregor, NDP Agriculture Critic, issued the following statement:

“Everybody eats. It’s not just an objective truth; it’s also the title of the NDP’s food policy plan: Everybody Eats: Our Vision for a Pan-Canadian Food Strategy. On Canada’s Agriculture Day, we recognize that food is at the heart of our economy, our communities and our homes.
We recognize that an effective food strategy must have a holistic approach – one that sees Canada take a leadership role in the environmentally sustainable production of our food, tackle the unacceptable levels of poverty and food insecurity across our country, and reduce food waste from farm-to-fork. Yet, nearly two years after beginning consultations, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada still has not unveiled their promised Food Policy for Canada.
As the NDP Agriculture Critic, I lend my voice to support policies that benefit our farmers, who grow and produce the food that we as Canadians rely on here at home, and whose tireless work contributes billions to the Canadian economy and helps feed families from coast to coast to coast.
We value the hard work of producers, and the amazing and high-quality foods they produce every single day. We call on the Liberal government to finally put in place a comprehensive food strategy to support Canadian agriculture.”