January 12th, 2016

NDP Statement on 6th Anniversary of Haiti Earthquake

NDP Foreign Affairs critic Hélène Laverdière (Laurier–Sainte-Marie) made the following statement on the 6th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti:

“Six years have passed since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in early 2010. Today, we join the Haitian people in commemorating the hundreds of thousands who lost their lives in this tragedy.

With Canada – and Quebec in particular – becoming home to so many Haitian immigrants it goes without saying that we will continue to help in every possible way. A deep and sincere friendship unites our two countries and Haiti’s future and successes are closely linked to our own.

International aid has long been a fundamental cornerstone of Canada’s foreign politics. Unfortunately, it was neglected by the Conservatives over the last decade. New Democrats call on the Liberal government to move ahead with reconstruction projects in Haiti so the country can finally move forward.

Canadians can count on the NDP, the progressive opposition, to press the Liberals to make international aid a priority once again and restore our reputation on the world stage.”