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June 3rd, 2019

NDP Signs Climate Emergency Declaration

MONTREAL – In the face of an accelerating climate crisis, NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic, Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie), has officially endorsed the Climate Emergency Declaration (CED), a citizens' initiative that has called for recognizing the climate crisis since its creation in 2016.
"Climate change is already upon us. The climate crisis is very real,” argued Boulerice. “The time of fancy speeches and half-measures is over: people, especially young people, are fed up with government inaction. And I will never hesitate to stand with them, shoulder to shoulder, to fight against the climate crisis. As an MP, I have an obligation to make their voices heard in the House of Commons."

Following the announcement of the NDP’s environment plan, the MP for Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie met representatives of GMob (GroupMobilization), the group that oversees the CED emergency transition plan, "Chantiers de la Déclaration d’Urgence Climatique", in order to sign the Climate Emergency Declaration.
"Following the positive resolutions and endorsements of more than 386 Quebec municipalities representing more than 77% of Quebec’s population, the CED has become the voice for millions of people who want to see concrete action taken to counter the climate emergency. Given the extreme events that will continue to strike everywhere in Quebec, we must ensure the resilience of our regions,” said Michel Jetté, co-creator of the CED. “The CED calls for all solutions to be applied to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To do this, all social, economic, and energy transformation plans recognized by the scientific community must be started immediately."
The NDP recently tabled a motion in the House of Commons which called on the Liberal government to declare a climate emergency. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives both voted against this initiative.