March 24th, 2015

NDP scores a victory for our oceans, lakes and rivers

NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) and NDP Great Lakes critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) made the following statement on the support of their motion to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers from microbead pollution:

New Democrats understand that the best way to deal with pollution is to prevent it in the first place.

This is why we are pleased that the Conservatives and Liberals will support NDP leadership and add microbeads to the list of toxic substances managed by the government under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act.

These manufactured pieces of plastic are used in everyday items like toothpaste and facial cleansers. Several studies have pointed to serious potential health risks – especially for young children and pregnant women.

Not only do these microbeads pose a danger to human life, they cause significant damage to our environment. The plastic particles wash into our lakes, rivers and oceans and have been found throughout the aquatic food chain. Tragically, birds have been asphyxiated and fish have starved to death because their digestive system is clogged with plastic.

This is why we urged all parliamentarians to come together to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers by banning microbeads. This NDP initiative has received support from people across the country, NGOs and the Canadian Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrances Association.

For the sake of our health and our environment Canada must join leading jurisdictions around the world to work towards eliminating microbeads from the products we use every day.