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November 22nd, 2022

NDP says Guilbeault must stand up to big polluters to make carbon pricing more effective

In response to Tuesday's carbon pricing update, NDP Environment and Climate Change critic Laurel Collins made the following statement:

“Carbon pricing is necessary, but it won't be as effective as we need it to be as long as Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and the Trudeau government refuse to stand up to big polluters.

We want big polluters to pay the biggest price for fighting the climate crisis — not working families.

Yet, with the support of the Poilievre Conservatives, the Liberal government handed over $15.6 billion dollars to big oil and gas companies, as they made record profits. The Liberals invited oil and gas companies to COP27 and spent days defending them. And records show that fossil fuel lobbyists met with government officials over 100 times in September alone: that’s more than four times per working day.

Everyday Canadians are doing our part to fight the climate crisis. Why is Justin Trudeau still giving an exemption to the biggest polluters?"