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October 9th, 2014

NDP rejects any future oil port project in Gros-Cacouna

New Democrats plan to use their opposition day today to urge Conservatives to reject all future oil terminal projects in the Port of Gros-Cacouna – the home environment and natural habitat of the endangered St. Lawrence beluga.

“Over the last several months, Quebecers have been clear: they don’t want this oil port, especially not in the middle of beluga habitat,” said Deputy Environment critic, François Choquette (Drummond).

There are only 880 belugas left in the St. Lawrence River, and the marine mammal has been recognized as a threatened species under the _Species at Risk Ac_t. TransCanada’s proposed Cacouna oil port would be built right in the middle of the habitat where females give birth and baby whales spend the first few weeks of their lives.

“For too long, the Conservatives have prioritized massive profits for powerful oil companies to the detriment of environmental protection and the public interest. This project does not meet the criteria for the sustainable development of our natural resources and must be stopped," added NDP Environment critic, Megan Leslie (Halifax).

Here is the NDP motion:

That, in the opinion of the House, the proposed Port of Gros-Cacouna oil terminal, which will be used for the sole purpose of exporting unprocessed Canadian oil, will have a negative impact on the Canadian economy through the loss of well-paid jobs, will constitute an unacceptable environmental threat to the St. Lawrence ecosystem, including the beluga whale population, and therefore, is not consistent with the principle of sustainable development, and must be rejected.

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