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May 13th, 2021

The NDP reacts to the Ethics Commissioner's report on WE Charity

NDP Critic for Ethics, Charlie Angus, made the following statement:

“The NDP welcomes the Ethics Commissioner’s report on WE Charity.
This report shines a light on how closely connected friends of the Liberal Party were able to get an all access pass into the corridors of power. WE Charity was given insider access because of the personal relations they cultivated with Minister Morneau and other key ministers.
The Ethics Commissioner found that WE Charity and the Kielburger brothers would have benefited immensely from this contract, as they were deemed to be close friends of the Liberals.
We know that Justin Trudeau showed bad judgement in his dealings with the Kielburger proposal, but the breaking of the conflict of interest laws took place within the office of the Finance Minister. This scandal has cost the Prime Minister his Finance Minister, at the height of the worst economic catastrophe in a century.
No matter the guilty verdict or not, the important point is, the Liberals decided to help their friends and it hurt people.
The Prime Minister continues to promote a culture that looks after friends and cronies.
Canadians deserve a government that puts their needs first, not one that cuts inside deals with their rich friends.
The NDP will continue to push for answers into this situation and will ensure Canadians come first. ”