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July 10th, 2019

NDP Reacts to Devastating Bombardier Job Cuts

OTTAWA - Today, New Democrats reacted to the devastating news that Bombardier will cut more than 500 jobs at their Thunder Bay, Ontario plant. They urged Trudeau’s Liberals to stop throwing the burden on the province and take action to save the Bombardier jobs and prevent future job losses. The NDP is committed to bringing together all levels of government with business and labour leaders to develop a national industrial strategy that will retain and provide good middle-class jobs to Canadian workers.

“This is very sad news for Bombardier workers and their families. These jobs are not only crucial for the region and for our economy, but they are the source of livelihood for hundreds of families,” said the NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. “We saw what happened in Oshawa and Windsor. And now, it is the people of Thunder Bay who will pay the ultimate price of losing their jobs. Trudeau’s Liberals have failed time and time again to fight for workers. New Democrats will always put the interest of workers first.”

Bombardier decided to cut jobs after Trudeau’s Liberals bailed them out with $372.5 million in 2017. Yet again, Trudeau’s Liberals gave massive giveaways to corporations without any guarantee that jobs will be protected or remain in Canada. New Democrats know that the manufacturing sector is vital for communities across the country and are committed to fighting for a strong and robust future for Canadian manufacturing

“While workers are reeling the impacts of losing their jobs, CEOs and rich shareholders will have no problem sleeping tonight,” said NDP candidate Yuk-Sem Won (Thunder Bay—Rainy River). “Trudeau’s Liberals have a choice to make, either they’re on the side of working people or rich CEOs. New Democrats will always be on the side of working people.”
“This is about families and their livelihood. Trudeau and Ford need to stop blaming each other and work together to save these jobs,” said NDP candidate Anna Betty Achneepineskum (Thunder Bay—Superior North). “There is still time to be on the right side by rolling their sleeves and finding solutions. New Democrats will ensure working people are at the heart of every decision we make.”

When Via Rail decided to give a $1 billion contract to Siemens – a German Company – instead of Bombardier, the Liberals refused to intervene. A made-in Canada policy in Via Rail would have ensured to keep and create jobs in Canada. The NDP’s plan to massively invest in transit could also result in new contracts for this plant.