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March 28th, 2022

NDP reaction to government’s announcement on F-35 fighter jets

NDP National Defense Critic, Lindsay Mathyssen, issued the following statement:

“Canada’s men and women in the armed forces deserve the best equipment and support possible to carry out the difficult and dangerous work we ask them to do.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau promised to scrap the F-35 fighter jet and purchase one of the many, lower-priced options that better match Canada’s defense needs.

New Democrats have called on the government to use a ‘made in Canada’ approach to replacing our aging jets. We called on the Liberals to ensure that those jets that are secured can operate across Canada’s vast regions, especially in the Arctic. We also said that any procurement must provide much-needed jobs in the Canadian aerospace industry in cities like Montreal and Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, today, the government announced they are choosing a fighter jet that does not have Arctic capability and are unlikely to create jobs here in Canada.

The government’s delays in procuring new fighter jets will increase costs while the lifespan of the jet could be reduced.

The NDP will continue to hold this government accountable on their spending especially when we need to ensure that money is being invested in healthcare and environmental protections.”