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April 26th, 2022

The NDP is raising concerns about transparency for Canadians

NDP Public Safety Critic, Alistair MacGregor, and NDP Ethics Critic, Matthew Green, made the following statement in response to the Emergencies Act inquiry call:

“The use of the Emergencies Act was unprecedented, and Canadians rightly have many questions about how the government let the situation get to a point where that became necessary. Failures in leadership from several levels of government during the convoy crisis all contributed to the hardship Canadians endured. While governments argued over jurisdictions, people were abandoned. Canadians were abandoned because governments did not take the threat of this convoy seriously and took too long to act.

Canadians expect a thorough inquiry into the use of the Emergencies act and New Democrats support its broad mandate. However, the Liberals are doing everything possible to protect themselves from being held accountable for their delayed response to the illegal occupation. By claiming cabinet confidence, the Liberals are shielding themselves from scrutiny and this cannot be the government’s approach to the inquiry. Canadians deserve much better.

Without complete transparency, the NDP is concerned that Liberals will prevent and delay the inquiry results that Canadians deserve to hear. That’s why we’re calling on the government to comply with any requests required for the commissioner to be able to produce a thorough report.

In order to address the fear and anxieties of Canadians about the use of the Emergencies Act, the Prime Minister needs to be completely transparent and forthcoming with the inquiry. Canadians have sacrificed too much. We should not have to sacrifice transparency. The NDP will keep fighting to ensure government is accountable so Canadians can have a safe and more just future."