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September 21st, 2022

NDP pushes Liberals on a plan for energy workers as the Biden Administration moves ahead with a clean energy strategy

OTTAWA— This fall session of Parliament, the NDP will push the Trudeau government to deliver a credible plan on addressing the climate crisis by ensuring a transition to a clean energy future. NDP Critic for Natural Resources, Jobs and Just Transition, Charlie Angus, says the NDP will push the Liberals to move beyond vague gestures toward a so-called “just transition” and actually begin the heavy lifting of creating a credible jobs transition to a clean energy economy.

Angus says recent moves by the Biden administration are fundamentally transforming the clean energy economy in North America and Canada risks being left behind.

“Energy workers in Western Canada tell me they're frustrated that their talents and ideas on creating a clean energy future are being ignored. President Biden has committed to a clean energy future rooted in good paying union jobs. We have never heard anything remotely close to that from this Prime Minister. A monumental transformation is taking place in the United States and Canadian workers are being left on the sidelines. We have the skills, resources and ideas to be the world leader on a clean energy economy. The only thing missing right now is political will.”

Just this past April, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development found that the government was not making the progress needed to help affected workers and communities in a just transition. This devastating report, that showed a just transition was not a priority for the Liberals. The Commissioner found that there was no structure in place to advance a just transition, no accountability framework, and very little action up from the department responsible until 2021. Angus says the NDP will push the government to finally deliver a credible plan for a good, clean energy jobs plan that does not leave workers and regions behind.

“The Liberals act as though they are climate leaders on the world stage. But, in reality, they fail to deliver. As a result, we now lag behind other G7 countries on climate action and a just transition. Meanwhile the Conservatives claim to be a friend of workers, but always cozy up to big CEOs instead of looking out for everyday people,” said Angus. “New Democrats are the ones fighting for these workers to have good, union jobs.”