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January 17th, 2023

NDP to probe McKinsey contracts in parliamentary committee

NDP Ethics critic Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre) released the following statement in light of the revelation from Public Services and Procurement Canada that McKinsey & Company has actually received $101.4 million in government contracts since 2015, substantially higher than previously thought:

“We now know that the Trudeau government has handed McKinsey so much public money, it’s equivalent to turning McKinsey into Government of Canada ministry. The money Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has given McKinsey could have paid for more than a thousand nurses.

Wednesday at the government operations parliamentary committee, the NDP will dig for answers. Why did a corporation in Trudeau’s inner circle receive a whopping 20 sole-sourced government contracts? What kind of value did Canadians get for this obscene $100-million transfer of taxpayer money to Trudeau’s pet firm? We’ll push for the committee to go back further and look at the more than $2 million the last Conservative government shoveled into McKinsey’s pockets, too.

Canadians have seen this movie before, and they hate it: when the Conservatives are in power they funnel contracts to their insiders, and when Liberals are in power they funnel contracts to their insiders. We have to stop this cycle. New Democrats believe Canada’s public employees are the best in the world, and can do the work without contracting out to outsiders, and without a consultant looking over their shoulder.”