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November 8th, 2023

NDP present plan to lower heat bills, tax oil and gas profits and fight climate change

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, Parliament will vote on the NDP’s plan to permanently help all Canadians — in every province and territory — pay their bills by taking the GST off home heating and putting in place a windfall tax on big oil and gas corporations making record profits. Singh says the money recovered from the windfall tax can be used to help Canadians move to cheaper and cleaner home heating options.

“People are struggling with high costs, and they deserve help heating their homes. In a country as cold as Canada, heat is not a luxury expense it’s an absolute necessity,” said Singh. “And Canadians do want to do their part to fight the climate crisis, but they’re tired of being disappointing by the Liberals putting their own interests over helping hardworking people.

“While Justin Trudeau divides Canadians by offering some people help but not others, the corporate-controlled Conservatives want to protect the profits of big oil and gas and deny climate change. They have no plan to fight the climate crisis. Only New Democrats are going to take immediate action to help all Canadians lower their bills and tackle the corporate greed of the big polluters. That windfall tax money can help you and your family stay warm and save money this winter.”

While families are struggling to pay their heat bill, the biggest oil and gas companies in Canada brought in $38 billion in profit last year. In the last 20 years, they have returned a staggering $200 billion in profits to shareholders. Singh says the Liberals and Conservatives want to protect these profits at your expense. He’s challenging both Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre to support the NDP’s plan to help every Canadian and a windfall tax on oil and gas companies making record profits.

“Families across Canada deserve a break on their heating bills—whether they live in Halifax or Thunder Bay,” said Singh. “Our plan provides everyone, permanent financial help and allows people to move to cheaper and cleaner home heating. It saves you money and fights the climate crisis. If Pierre Poilievre and Justin Trudeau want to help all Canadians with their heating bills and tax the biggest polluters making massive profits at your expense, they’ll prove it this afternoon.”