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March 21st, 2024

NDP passes motion to fund school lunch program despite Conservative opposition

NDP motion also includes tax on mega grocery companies that puts money back in Canadians’ pockets

OTTAWA—On Thursday, New Democrats passed a motion to implement an excess profit tax on large grocery stores to put money back in people’s pockets with a GST rebate, and establish a National School Food Program.

The motion passed despite Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives voting no.

“Working Canadians have really been struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table,” said NDP MP Peter Julian (New Westminster—Burnaby). “The Liberals haven’t done anything to tackle corporate greed while the ultra-rich grocery CEOs see massive profits to the tune of 6 billion dollars in 2023. New Democrats fought for Canadians by passing a motion that helps people, not the ultra-rich.”

Conservatives voted no on the motion just after it was revealed that Poilievre’s top advisor has a shell lobbying firm to advocate for big corporations at the federal level. With Poilievre’s top strategist being a lobbyist and his MPs voting no on this motion, Julian says it’s even more proof the Conservatives are working for the ultra-rich rather than everyday Canadians.

“It’s not shocking that Conservatives voted no on reining in corporate greed while Poilievre’s top adviser does everything she can to lobby for the interests of big grocery stores,” said Julian. “They are on the side of ultra-rich CEOs and won’t stand up for working families. Conservatives need to look in the mirror to see why grocery prices are still so high and them opposing this motion is just the tip of the iceberg. While they lobby for Loblaws, New Democrats are fighting for working people to get ahead.”