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January 31st, 2023

NDP MP calls on elected officials to condemn the incendiary, anti-democratic language of Fox News personality

OTTAWA – On Tuesday, the NDP Critic for Ethics, Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre), called on Members of Parliament from all parties to condemn right-wing Fox News personality Tucker Carlson’s on-air call for the United States Armed Forces to ‘liberate Canada.’

“That kind of language is exactly what lead to the failed violent Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington,” said Green. “Tucker’s brand of hate isn’t welcome in Canada and elected officials—regardless of their political party—have an obligation to call that out.”

Given the Jan. 6 attack on the American Capitol, Green says disinformation that fuels violence or undermines trust in democratic institutions must be taken seriously and categorically rejected. He will put forward a Unanimous Consent motion on Tuesday afternoon to establish a consensus from Canada’s Parliament that these incendiary remarks are unacceptable.

“Canadians don’t want divisive rhetoric becoming the norm here. Calling for a foreign military force to overthrow Canada’s democratically elected government is outrageous — whether it’s serious or bombastic, hollow threats — especially coming from a cable news network in the United States with millions of viewers,” said Green. “I hope that all Members of Parliament will stand together to say that this garbage won’t ever be tolerated or normalized in our country.”