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March 30th, 2022

NDP: Liberals must act to change culture of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces

Today, NDP Defence Critic Lindsay Mathyssen made the following statement:

“We stand with the women in the Canadian Armed Forces who continue to wait for a real culture change in the face of sexual misconduct and assault in the military. The Liberal government has promised action for almost seven years but have failed to act to make any needed change.

The Liberal government owes women serving in the Canadian armed forces an explanation for continuing to support powerful men despite irrefutable proof they lack the judgment and ability to change the culture of sexual misconduct in the military. There is a systemic problem here that cannot be solved until they show true leadership to deal with it. The government has consistently failed service women by appointing and protecting men who are not equipped or not interested in changing the status quo.

And instead of implementing the recommendations of the Deschamps Report, the Liberal government has delayed action when the solutions are already known. It is unacceptable to continue feet dragging, when women need action now.

New Democrats are urging the government to put in place measures that stop failing to ensure that Canadian soldiers won't be victims of sexual violence and that the perpetrators of this culture won't be rewarded.

Canadians deserve so much better."