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September 14th, 2023

NDP: The Liberals’ delay in helping Canadians is leaving people disappointed again and again

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made the following statement about measures announced by the Liberal government to incentivize the building of homes:

“Canadian families have been struggling to make ends meet for over a year. The cost of renting or buying a home in the communities people work and live in has soared under the Trudeau government. Grocery prices fuelled by unchecked corporate greed have meant that Canadians had to do without healthy food for their kids. And, for months, the Liberals have left Canadians on their own - working hard and falling behind.

I want to be very clear about the measures the Liberals are finally announcing today: these are actions that should have been taken months ago. If they had removed the GST from new affordable rental buildings when we first called for it six months ago, we could have had an entire construction season to get more homes built. New Democrats will look closely at what is being proposed. We want to make sure this results in truly affordable homes, not more luxury condos.

While Pierre Poilievre pretends he wants to make things better, when he was in government for nine years, Canadians lost 800,000 affordable homes. He’s helped build the current system that sees deep-pocketed investors get rich while Canadian families get renovicted and priced out of the cities they live and work in. Last week at the Conservative convention, not one solution to deliver affordable housing was proposed. It’s clear where the Conservatives’ priorities lie, and it’s not helping hardworking Canadians.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government will continue to delay and disappoint - Pierre Poilievre will blame and complain. New Democrats are going to continue to use our power to deliver more homes and lower prices for Canadians."