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December 20th, 2022

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says its time for Justin Trudeau to show up for Canadians facing health-care crisis

BURNABY— On Tuesday, Canada’s NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was again urging the prime minister to show leadership to address the health-care crisis across the country. Singh reiterated his call after Trudeau blamed the impasse between the federal government and the provinces on premiers’ refusal to accept his terms.

“Parents are horrified by the state of children’s health care in Canada, and hospitals across the country can’t keep up with the influx of sick kids,” said Singh. “Nothing could be more important than taking care of our children. But instead of showing the necessary leadership in a national crisis, the prime minister is in a standoff with the provinces. His approach isn’t helping sick children or their families. If I was prime minister, I would sit down in a room with premiers and not leave the room until we agree on a plan to fix our health-care system. Leadership is not finding excuses not to act, it's finding solutions even when it's difficult.”

For weeks, children’s hospitals have been overwhelmed with patients. Parents and sick children are waiting hours in emergency rooms or being forced to reroute to other facilities far away from home. Health-care workers have described the situation as unprecedented. Yet, the prime minister continues to refuse to meet with premiers and to start with the steps he promised Canadians in the last campaign.

“Canadians need a prime minister that is ready to show up, not someone that refuses to sit down when discussions are difficult. Canadian families with sick kids feel like they’re being held hostage; they’re the ones paying the price for the prime minister’s approach. This is a national crisis that demands an urgent response,” said Singh. “Parents and health-care workers are tired of this—they want solutions. If Justin Trudeau is that proud of his offer to provinces and territories, he should be able to defend it in a room with premiers and he should be transparent with Canadians on what he really put on the table. Canadian families expect and deserve better.”