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September 8th, 2015

NDP leader announces national aerospace plan

Tom Mulcair will be Champion for Canadian aerospace jobs and growth

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair unveiled his Campaign for Change plane in Montreal today and announced his plan for a national approach to boost aerospace innovation and manufacturing. After Stephen Harper’s lost decade, the NDP will provide sustainable, long-term support for Canada’s aerospace industry.

“Aerospace is an important part of our economy, yet at the most recent Paris Air Show not a single Conservative minister bothered to show up to promote Canada,” said Mulcair. “When Boeing wants to sell jets to China, President Obama goes to China to help Boeing sell jets. What a difference that makes – it provides leadership and confidence.”

The NDP aerospace plan is based on consultation with the industry and will help Canadian space companies to commercialize new technologies; support creation of a world-class aerospace supply-chain; and create a new Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing Fund aimed at aerospace SMEs. The Fund will allow smaller firms to adopt advanced technologies, automate and scale-up production to compete globally and create jobs.

“Canadian aerospace innovators and manufacturers need a Prime Minister in Ottawa who will be a champion for them on the world stage. I will be that champion,” said Mulcair. “Aerospace jobs are good, manufacturing jobs that can support a family. That’s my priority.”

The NDP has the plan and the experienced team to create opportunities for small and medium sized businesses across Canada’s aerospace sector. This is just one of the many reasons why more and more Canadians are turning to Tom Mulcair and Canada’s NDP to bring change in Ottawa.