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October 31st, 2013

NDP launches national pensions campaign

As provincial and territorial finance Ministers prepare to meet this week, NDP Pensions critic Murray Rankin (Victoria) has introduced a motion urging the federal government to move on expanding the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans.

“Jim Flaherty promised that he’d move forward with increasing CPP and QPP this past summer to give middle-class families a fair break. He broke that promise,” said Rankin. “Strengthening CPP and QPP will give Canadian families a better way to save, and make sure that all Canadians can retire with dignity.”

“Financial experts, unions and senior organizations are all in favour of this. Ontario is now even considering creating its own provincial pension plan on top of CPP. It’s time for the federal government to act,” Rankin said.

Provincial and territorial finance Ministers are meeting in Toronto beginning tomorrow. Their next meeting is currently planned for December.