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May 4th, 2021

NDP fighting for the small businesses our communities rely on

While the Liberals protect the profits of big corporations, small businesses in Windsor—Essex and across Canada are barely getting by

WINDSOR — Small businesses across Canada have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. While big box stores are prospering, mom and pop shops are struggling to keep their doors open. Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talked about his plan to help to small businesses communities rely on.

“While small businesses struggle to keep their doors open, the very richest have made billions in profit off the pandemic. The Liberals have given the wealthiest corporations help and stand by when they give profits to shareholders, while we’ve had to push them to do more than the bare minimum for the small businesses in our communities,” said Singh. “People in Windsor—Essex and across Canada depend on small businesses for services, jobs and to help your community thrive. We will keep fighting for the small businesses you rely on and the help they need.”

The NDP has called for a COVID-19 excess profit tax for big corporations that profited off the pandemic. Just last week, the Parliamentary Budget Officer stated that if the federal government implemented a one-time tax on excessive profits for large corporation, the government could recover $8 billion. This revenue can help support small businesses and our communities.

“It is clear that during this pandemic, the ultra-rich got richer while people and small businesses in my riding have been struggling to make ends meet,” said NDP MP Brian Masse (Windsor West). “The Liberals are refusing to make those at the very top — those who profited off the pandemic — pay their fair share. Small business owners are forced to dig into their savings and take up loans to save the businesses they built. The Liberals are failing people who need help. We will always stand with small businesses.”

“This pandemic hasn’t been easy on people in Essex and across the country,” said NDP candidate for Essex, Tracey Ramsey. “People and small businesses are barely getting by. Meanwhile, big corporations are making big profits, and the Liberals have no courage to make them pay their fair share. If the Liberals don’t make the ultra-rich pay their fair share, the recovery will fall on small businesses, workers and their families who are already drowning. It doesn’t have to be that way. We won’t stop fighting for you and the help you need.”