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May 6th, 2021

NDP fighting to help Canadians afford a place to call home

While the Liberals are focused on protecting the profits of ultra-rich developers, Canadians can’t find a home they can afford

PORT MOODY—COQUITLAM — While Canadians in Port Moody—Coquitlam and across the country can’t find a home they can afford, the richest billionaires made $78 billion in profits off the pandemic. And the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even harder to find a home. Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talked about his plan to help families and young people afford a place to call home.

“No one should have to struggle and scrape by every month just to afford a nice place to call home,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau had a chance to make life more affordable for people in his last budget – but he didn’t. He gave a free ride to the ultra-rich by refusing to make them pay their fair share in taxes instead of seriously tackling the lack of good, available homes in our communities. Canadians deserve better.”

Singh reiterated his commitment to invest in building half a million quality and affordable homes across the country. Unlike Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, New Democrats have the courage to make the ultra-rich pay for the recovery. Recently, the PBO looked at the NDP’s excess profit tax, and found we could recoup $8 billion — revenue that will help us to build quality, affordable homes across the country.

“The NDP is taking the housing crisis seriously, and, unlike the Liberals, we will always make helping people find a home a priority,” said NDP candidate for Port Moody—Coquitlam, Bonita Zarrillo. “People in Port Moody—Coquitlam deserve to find a place to call home that is affordable and safe. We will keep fighting to make that happen.”