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October 20th, 2022

NDP fighting to help Canadian families pay their heating bills this winter

New Democrats propose changing CPC Oppo Day to waive GST on families' home heating bills, and Conservatives say no

OTTAWA — With winter approaching, Canadians are bracing themselves for high heating bills on top of the rising cost of their grocery prices. Today, New Democrats tried to amend a CPC Opposition Day Motion to waive the GST on home heating, but sadly, the Conservatives said no. Jagmeet Singh and the NDP have been calling on the Liberals to waive the GST on home heating to give families some breathing room in their budget for years.

“Every year, Canadians experience cold winters—it doesn’t make sense to make them pay GST on an essential service such as heating to keep their families warm while the cost of living is so high and the government is making money on GST,” said Singh. “While the Liberals and Conservatives protect the profits of rich CEOs, Canadians are left to fend for themselves with skyrocketing prices of food, rent and heating bills. Families need help and it's disappointing that Conservatives rejected this plan today. New Democrats will continue to fight for Canadians and deliver the help they need in these hard times.”

Today, the NDP tried to amend the Conservative's Opposition Day Motion to waive GST on home heating to help families get by this winter, but the Conservatives once again weren't interested in helping families. New Democrats have been calling on successive Liberal and Conservative governments since 2010, when former NDP Leader Jack Layton first proposed it.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, seniors and families are particularly concerned about the rising cost of home heating and are the ones who rely primarily on oil for winter heat. Some families seeing home heating bills as high as $1,200 a month. The Liberals promised help for people in the Atlantic provinces reduce their dependence on heating oil, but they are dragging their feet, leaving families with huge heating bills to fend for themselves. It doesn’t have to be this way.

“Canadians are going to suffer this winter without the help they need to pay their heating bills,” said Singh. “The Liberals had over seven years to act to make the ultra-rich pay what they owe so we can support families with the high cost of living, but they chose not to act. And the Conservatives think families don't deserve support to lower their home heating bills. The NDP is fighting for you and your family. We are always focused on lifting people up, not protecting the rich and powerful.”