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June 10th, 2021

NDP fighting for affordable housing in Hamilton

HAMILTON – With housing prices skyrocketing and people struggling financially because of the pandemic, it has been harder and harder for people in Hamilton to afford a place to call home. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was virtually in Hamilton today to speak to people about the NDP’s plan to fix the ongoing housing crisis. Singh was joined by Hamilton Mountain MP Scott Duvall and the NDP candidate for Hamilton Mountain, Malcolm Allen.

“People who have been hardest hit by this pandemic are now suffering even more through the housing crisis. This is simply not fair,” said Singh. “The Liberal government has done nothing to address the fact that everyday Canadians cannot afford a nice place to call home. Justin Trudeau has been in power for six years and things are only getting worse. Canadians need help now we will keep fighting for them and the help they need.”

“This past year has been incredibly hard on people in Hamilton and across Canada. They should not have to scrape by to be able to afford a nice place to call home. As of right now there is a 5,000 household waitlist for affordable housing in Hamilton, that is about 3-5 years.” said Duvall. “Justin Trudeau chose not to help everyday Canadians afford a home in the last budget. Canadians deserve better.”

Recently, Hamilton ranked third on a list of North American cities with the least affordable housing, only behind Vancouver and Toronto and above the Canadian average. The report, by the Oxford Economics, suggests that a home in the city is 50 per cent more expensive than the median-income a Hamilton household could afford.

Singh reiterated his commitment to invest in building half a million quality and affordable homes across the country. The NDP proposed major investments aimed at building half a million social and affordable housing units across the country over a period of ten years as well as the implementation of a 20 per cent tax for foreign buyers.

Singh also stated that the federal government can work with the provincial government to impose a moratorium on evictions as long as the pandemic continues. The NDP also reiterated its call for a rent subsidy for individuals, similar to what the government has done for commercial rents. This would help people immediately.

“The NDP is fighting hard to make sure everyone in Canada can afford a nice place to call home. Unlike the Liberals, who are more concerned with helping their rich friends, we are fighting for real Canadians who work hard and still can’t seem to save enough to buy a house,” added Allen. “We will keep fighting to help families make that happen.”