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June 18th, 2019

NDP Denounces Justin Trudeau's Approval of Trans Mountain Expansion Project

OTTAWA - Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, NDP Energy Critic Peter Julian, NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Alexandre Boulerice, and NDP MP Rachel Blaney condemned Justin Trudeau's Liberal government's decision to approve the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

"After a year of soaring temperatures, rising floods and raging wildfires, Canadians are already feeling the impacts of climate change. But that's the problem with Trudeau's Liberals. While they're great with symbolic gestures like voting for a climate change emergency, they do the opposite of helping the environment the very next day with the approval of this pipeline expansion," said Singh. "That's not going to help Canadians in the face of climate change. Instead of spending more than $10 billion on the expansion of a pipeline, an NDP government will spend that money on green opportunities to build a secure future for generations to come."

The Liberal government's approval of the project ignores criticisms of the project's violation of Indigenous rights and concerns raised over the substantial risks posed to the environment, marine life and coastal communities by increased tanker traffic and possible oil spills.

"Canadians are reeling after voting for a Liberal government that says one thing and does another. Whether it's approving this pipeline, or implementing a carbon tax that doesn't make the biggest polluters pay, this government has completely failed to keep its promise to take action on climate change," said Julian (New Westminster--Burnaby). "We need to throw everything we have at the fight against the climate crisis, and that means setting ambitious targets with measures to hold the government accountable."

"Justin Trudeau's Liberal government is not going to meet Stephen Harper's weak Paris emissions reduction targets; in fact, experts tell us they're not going to meet them for 200 years. With today's approval of the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, the Liberals are going to be even farther from reaching those targets," added Boulerice (Rosemont--La Petite-Patrie). "How dare this government even call itself green, when in fact it is betraying future generations with their false environmental policies?"

"Coastal communities are clear in their opposition to this project. It will increase tanker traffic nearly seven-fold and notably increase the risks of oil-spills to our coast and to families living on the coast. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are ignoring concerns and opposition from Indigenous and coastal communities," added Blaney (North Island--Powell River). "We need to take decisive action to protect our nature, deliver clean air and water, and reduce greenhouse gases that threaten Canadians' health, environment and economy."