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December 12th, 2014

NDP demands review of Wheat Board privatization

Amid rumours of the imminent privatization of the interim Canadian Wheat Board, New Democrats are raising the alarm about a back-room process cloaked in secrecy.

“They have repeatedly refused to reveal the financials or any details about a process that should be public,” said CWB critic Pat Martin, “They arbitrarily turned down a serious bid by Canadian farmers, and now expect Canadians to accept a secretive hand-over to whichever agri-business giant they choose.”

Conservatives are handing over an organization with an extensive infrastructure built by Canadian farmers, including 3,400 hopper cars and hundreds of millions in assets.

“We are calling for a hand-over process that ensures farmers interests are taken into account,” adds Agriculture critic Malcolm Allen, “Any privatization deal for the CWB needs to respect three fundamental principles – ensuring real farmer-ownership of the new CWB, a commitment that Canadian assets remain in Canada, and real competition in the agricultural value chain, not more anti-competitive corporate consolidation.”