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May 11th, 2023

NDP Critic for Immigration calls out Conservative Leader for harmful policies

NDP Critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Jenny Kwan, made the following statement on Thursday:

“In the last two days, Canadians have learned that Pierre Poilievre is willing to support legislative measures that are anti-choice and anti-immigration. The Conservative leader is showing his true colours and giving Canadians a sneak peak into how a Conservative government would set out country back decades.

On Wednesday, he said that he would support a private member’s bill put forward by a member of his caucus that is nothing more than a back-door attempt to reopen a debate on a woman’s right to choose in our country. Canadians don’t want to re-open the abortion debate. They are horrified by the regressive, draconian measures they are seeing in the United States that make it harder for women—particularly women of colour and those with fewer financial resources— to access the health services they deserve. And now women have good reason to be concerned that a Poilievre government would do the same thing here.

On Thursday, Pierre Poilievre confirmed he is supporting a Bloc motion to restrict immigration in the middle of a national labour shortage that hurts small businesses and communities across the country. He wants fewer immigrants to come to Canada; that means fewer skilled workers and fewer Canadians reuniting with family members. No one can forget that Pierre Poilievre was a part of the Conservative government who brought in the ‘barbaric practices’ snitch line which created fear and mistrust in our communities. People were encouraged to spy on their neighbours –typically members of diaspora communities—who were made to feel like they didn’t belong in their own country.

New Democrats know that our rich and diverse cultural heritage has been shaped by generations of immigrants who have contributed to our economy and our society. We must reject fear divisive rhetoric around immigration that the Conservatives are pushing and celebrate the diversity and economic growth newcomers bring.

Instead of working to ensure all Canadians have affordable housing, universal health care and good-paying jobs, Pierre Poilievre is more interested in doing an impression of a right-wing, American-style politician who wants to turn back the clock on Canadians’ hard-fought rights.

Canadians deserve much better.”