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November 1st, 2022

NDP: Canadians want an end to political interference in RCMP investigations

Alistair MacGregor tables a bill to prevent political interference into the RCMP

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Public Safety Critic Alistair MacGregor shared his plan to address the troubling allegations of political interference in RCMP investigations, following the release of recordings of conversations following the Nova Scotia mass shooting. Canadians want to see clear measures adopted so that there is no ability for governments to use tragedies to further a political agenda.

“With the way the RCMP Act is currently written, it’s a recipe for disaster. All Canadians should be able to trust the institutions that are there to protect them – not be worried about what political agenda they serve,” said MacGregor. “We need to make sure governments cannot abuse our institutions now or in the future.”

After seeing allegations that the Liberal government used a horrific tragedy to score political points on firearm policy, New Democrats knew it was important to make sure nothing like this could happen again. MacGregor’s bill calls to clarify what directions the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness can give to the Commissioner of the RCMP and would require that any directions be given in writing.

“We need to make sure that there are measures in place to hold the Minister accountable for any directions given to the RCMP,” added MacGregor. “My bill clarifies what directions the Minister of Public Safety can issue to the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, including that the Minister cannot give directions relating to operational matters or investigations, or in any matter that would interfere with the RCMP’s authority. New Democrats are urging all Members of Parliament to support this proposal to protect people. We will keep fighting so that Canadians can trust their institutions are free of political interference.”