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November 4th, 2021

NDP calls for resignation of Air Canada CEO

OTTAWA - Today, the NDP called for the resignation of Air Canada's CEO Michael Rousseau following his contemptuous remarks to a reporter regarding the French language on Wednesday night.

"Mr. Rousseau is spitting in the face of Quebecers and all members of French-speaking communities across the country," said NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice. "The French fact is threatened, and here we have the CEO of a federal company, subject to the Official Languages Act, who boasts of having a French-speaking mother and wife, but who has never lifted a finger to learn a word in French! You should do it! He should be ashamed. He should never have been put in that position.

This is not Air Canada's first official languages scandal. Every year, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages receives an average of 80 complaints about the airline. Justin Trudeau's Liberals have failed to enforce the Official Languages Act for one of Canada's largest companies.

It's unacceptable that Air Canada management can't communicate in French at all," said Niki Ashton, NDP Official Languages Critic. "Our national airline is subject to our laws and has received tremendous financial support during this crisis, and this after laying off thousands of workers. This disregard for its employees and customers is unacceptable. Francophones in this country are not second-class citizens. They deserve better."