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February 12th, 2024

NDP calls for the release of documents on Canadian military exports to Israel

OTTAWA—On Monday, amid a media report from the Maple that Canada has authorized over $28 million in exports of military goods and technology to Israel since October 2023, NDP foreign affairs critic MP Heather McPherson (Edmonton Strathcona) will ask the Foreign Affairs Committee to compel documents from Global Affairs Canada related to export and broker permits.

“I’m extremely concerned that Canada is contributing to the assault on Gaza through its exports of military goods and technology to Israel without ensuring they aren’t harming civilians,” said McPherson. “The Liberal government has refused to provide answers regarding their exports. We’re at the point where we need to compel Global Affairs to provide information so Parliamentarians can know what and why the Liberals are sending to Israel.”

The NDP has long called for a ban to Canadian military exports to Israel given the decades-long occupation of the Palestinian territories. Since the horrendous terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7th and the Netanyahu government’s brutal four-month-long assault on the people of Gaza, the NDP has repeatedly urged Canada to suspend those exports and to ensure illegal arms do not reach terrorist groups in the region.

Spain and Belgium's Wallonia region have suspended arms exports to Israel due to the war in Gaza, and Norway’s Foreign Minister has criticized states that continue to send arms.

“The Minister has an obligation under the Arms Trade Treaty not to approve export permits for military goods and technology where there is a substantial risk of human rights abuses,” said McPherson. “It is astonishing that Canada isn’t working to prevent genocide in Gaza – but may be complicit in serious crimes because of its ongoing arms sales.”

The International Court of Justice ordered provisional measures that require Netanyahu’s government to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza. Canadian civil society organizations and a coalition of human rights lawyers have also urged Canada to stop arms trade with Israel.