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July 30th, 2019

NDP Calls Out Liberals on Eabametoong Sewage Crisis

OTTAWA – Timmins—James Bay MP Charlie Angus has written to Minister Seamus O’Regan calling on the Liberal government to address the water and sewage crisis plaguing Eabametoong First Nation in Northern Ontario. Badly underfunded infrastructure has led to health and sanitation conditions Angus desribes as "third world" for families in the community.

“With the years-long boiled water advisory ending, we need to urgently turn our attention to the aging sewage and waste water system, which poses a serious health risk to Eabametoong families," said Angus.

Chief Rudy Turtle, who will be the NDP candidate in Kenora, which includes Eabametoong, says Trudeau talked a good game about resetting the nation's relationship with First Nations communities — but then refused to take action.

"When big corporations want something, Trudeau moves mountains to make their lives easier, but when Indigenous people need need the basics — like proper sewage and decent infrastructure — he drags his feet," said Chief Turtle. “As Chief of Grassy Narrows First Nation, I have been fighting for a long time to get my community the basic things that all Canadians take for granted, like safe water, and education. Instead of more Liberal excuses and more of Trudeau's condescension to First Nations people, communities like Grassy Narrows and Eabametoong need action and investment to make life better, and safer for the families that live there.”

Jagmeet Singh and the New Democrat platform includes a plan for safe and affordable housing, education that lives up to Shannen’s Dream, and safe drinking and waste water systems in First Nations communities.