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February 1st, 2023

NDP calls for McKinsey investigation to expand to Deloitte and other firms

OTTAWA – On Wednesday, NDP Public Services and Procurement critic Gord Johns will call for the committee investigation into the more than $100 million-worth of government contracts awarded to McKinsey to expand to other firms including Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, KPMG, and Ernst & Young.

“Canadians are really upset to see that the Liberal government has given hundreds of millions of dollars to a private company instead of letting Canada’s public service do the jobs we hired them to do,” said Johns. “We have a competent public service that could be doing this work, but the federal Liberals would rather fund their wealthy consultant friends. We need to get to the bottom of how much money has been spent on contracting with private companies, outside of McKinsey, under both the Liberals and Conservatives.”

Johns' motion would expand the committee’s study into McKinsey to other companies who’ve received massive contracts from the government and call their most senior executives to testify on contracts dating back to 2011.

“I'm really hoping that the Conservatives' interest in getting to the bottom of this will continue, not end before we start looking back at their relationship with these companies.”

“When Conservatives are in power, they hand out money to their rich insider friends. Then, when the Liberals are government, they do the exact same thing. Canadians want answers, and they deserve a clearer picture of this whole mess,” said Johns. “New Democrats are going to get to the bottom of this and push the government to stop contracting out to consultants when one of the best public services in the world can do the work.”