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September 28th, 2016

NDP calls on government to repeal ministerial directive on torture

OTTAWA – The NDP is urging the Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale to end the ministerial directive, which permits the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to use information derived from torture.

"We know that information obtained under torture is not reliable. This practice does not ensure the safety of Canadians and the Minister of Public Safety has the responsibility to end it,” said Matthew Dubé, the NDP Public Safety Critic.

The ministerial directive, adopted under the Conservatives in 2010, allows CSIS to use information obtained under torture in certain circumstances. While in opposition the Liberals decried this practice, which can be seen as an incentive for regimes using torture, but the directive is still in effect a year into the new Liberal government.

"Torture is immoral and goes against all of our international commitments on human rights. Yet, the ministerial directive that allows the use of information obtained under torture is still in place,” said Hélène Laverdière, the NDP Foreign Affairs Critic. “This practice tarnishes Canada's reputation. The Liberal government must put an end to this directive."