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May 29th, 2018

NDP Calls for an End to Processing Delays for Iranian Nationals

NDP MP Thomas Mulcair (Outremont) and NDP Critic for Immigration, Jenny Kwan (Vancouver-East), demanded again today that the federal government fix the exceedingly long processing delays for permanent residence applications for Iranian nationals. Currently, the processing wait time for these individuals can be from 300% to as high as 1200 % longer than other applicants.

“Across the country, talented Iranian nationals’ permanent residence applications are stuck in the system. The government recently acknowledged the problem exists, but has taken no concrete action to fix the problem. Individuals who have lived here, studied here, worked here, and paid taxes here continue to face an uncertain future,” said Kwan. “These are the very people the federal government says they want to attract to Canada, and yet our government is failing them. The frustration, stress and financial burden for applicants stuck in limbo is simply unimaginable.”

The NDP is calling on the government to finally put an end to these delays once and for all. The government needs to immediately review the current system, identify the cause of delays, revise the process to prevent further delays, and ensure Iranian nationals are not subject to these astronomically higher wait times than other applicants.

“We have already communicated, on multiple occasions, the urgency and scope of the problems created by the unreasonable and excessive delays faced by many Iranian permanent residence applicants,” added Mulcair. “Despite their admission that a problem exists, Ministers Hussen and Goodale refuse to take action to correct the situation. Today, we are once again calling on the two ministers to repair this injustice.”