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October 7th, 2013

NDP calls on Conservatives to reinstate the long-form census

Experts in economics, urban planning, health and other fields report that flawed data is unusable

New Democrats are calling on Conservatives to admit to the failure of the National Household Survey and bring back the long form census for 2016.

“The results are in and the NHS has produced unusable data at a higher price tag than the long-form census ,” said Official Opposition Industry critic Chris Charlton (Hamilton Mountain). “The Conservative move to eliminate the long-form census has been revealed for what it is: an ideological attempt to cripple Canadians’ ability to make decisions based on evidence.”

A range of economics, statistics, urban planning, health policy, and consulting experts have been clear that the data is essentially unusable and that the $600 million spent on the NHS was a complete waste. The poor data will further impact business decisions and municipal, provincial and federal planning.

“What the Conservatives have done here is irresponsible and disrespectful to the experts and to taxpayers” said Charlton. “An NDP government would clean up this mess and immediately move to re-establish the long-form census.”