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May 26th, 2014

NDP calls for action on out-of-control government spying

The NDP is calling on the Conservatives to convene a Blue Ribbon Panel of independent experts to investigate warrantless data collection by the federal government and recommend measures to ensure Canadian’s right to privacy is protected in the digital era.

“Continual revelations about warrantless snooping and new bills that Conservatives are trying to sneak through Parliament prove that Conservatives just don’t have a balanced approach when it comes to privacy” said Charlie Angus. (Timmins - James Bay). “We’re all for catching terrorists, we’re all for going after bullies but we can do it in a balanced way that also respects privacy and doesn’t open the door to abuse.”

“In the digital age personal information can so easily be recorded, shared, and stolen – Canadians are legitimately concerned that they’re losing their right to privacy” said Françoise Boivin (Gatineau). “It’s time to bring in independent experts, and let ordinary Canadians have their say on an issue they’re increasingly worried about”.