November 20th, 2017

NDP to call on Liberals to work with the provinces on cannabis taxation

OTTAWA – In the wake of provinces calling on the federal government to rethink the distribution of taxes on cannabis, the NDP is asking the Liberal government to work with provinces to address concerns and meet all of their needs when it comes to the legalization of cannabis. To this end, NDP Finance Critic, Alexandre Boulerice, is proposing an amendment to the Budget Implementation Act, by inserting a clause calling on Finance Minister Bill Morneau to invite representatives from all the provinces to consult and work together towards a mutually agreed upon plan.

“Until now we have seen the federal government proceed unilaterally on the taxation of cannabis,” said Boulerice. “It is no surprise that the provinces are concerned. Let’s not forget that the provinces will bear the brunt of the still unknown costs of legalizing cannabis.”

On the heels of the recent announcement to begin consultations with provinces and municipalities, the NDP’s proposed amendment would require the government to develop a plan that meets all the financial needs of provinces. By developing a common set of principles and goals, the federal and provincial governments would then be able to reach agreements on taxing cannabis that would satisfy health and public safety requirements.

“This amendment offers the Liberals a chance to catch up. So far, they have imposed plans on provinces. I am proposing an approach that will bring all stakeholders to the table in order to find a solution that works for everyone,” added Boulerice.