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September 8th, 2019

NDP Brings New Deal for People to Toronto

In this election, the people of Toronto know that the NDP is In It for You

OTTAWA – Today, in Toronto-Danforth surrounded by candidates and a packed theatre of 800 supporters, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh talked about his New Deal for People that invests in the services people need, makes life more affordable and fights the climate crisis.

“For too long, Liberal and Conservative governments in Ottawa keep making life easier for the rich, and harder for everybody else,” said Singh. “People in Toronto, and throughout the country, are working hard, and are just looking to be treated fairly. These are the people the NDP has always worked for. These are the people I’m in it for.”

Singh was introduced by former NDP MP Olivia Chow and Toronto City Councillor Mike Layton at the event, which took place in Jack Layton’s former riding of Toronto-Danforth. He talked about the high cost of housing, expanding Medicare head-to-toe and confronting the climate crisis.

In the face of Doug Ford’s Conservative cuts, people in Toronto have been let down by Justin Trudeau’s pretty words and empty promises. Trudeau has been clear that he will not stand up to Ford’s cuts to child care and health services.

“Liberals and Conservatives have shown they are in it for their rich friends, not for you,” added Singh. “New Democrats are different. We are offering A New Deal for People. We won’t just say the right things, we will actually do them. We want people in Toronto to know we are all in it for you! And when Canadians come to choose who to trust with their vote: I want them to know – we won’t let them down.”